Walton & Tower Real Estate’s Owner Protection Program

We know you have many options when choosing a management company and that many of our competitors offer services similar to ours. However, we are so confident in the quality of our services as well as the personal attention that we provide our owners that we are offering a new service we call The Owner Protection Program.

What is The Owner Protection Program?

Quite simply, if a tenant fails to make their monthly rental payment on time, Walton & Tower Real Estate will pay the standard owner draw.

Why is Walton & Tower Real Estate offering The Owner Protection Program?

We are confident in the services we provide and feel The Owner Protection Program allows us to give owners additional peace of mind when choosing a company to handle such a significant investment.

Do all single family residences, townhomes and condos qualify for The Owner Protection Program?

Any property that Walton & Tower Real Estate agrees to manage will qualify. Please note that we take properties on a case by case basis.

How long will Walton & Tower Real Estate pay the rent if the tenant fails to do so?

Walton & Tower will continue to make monthly payments until the tenant either pays the amount due or has vacated the property.

Will my payments continue if the tenant has to be evicted?

Yes, payments will continue up to the day the tenant vacates the premises.

Do I have to pay the legal fees if a tenant has to be evicted?

No, as part of The Owner Protection Program, Walton & Tower will pay all legal fees associated with tenant eviction.

Will I have to reimburse Walton & Tower Real Estate at a later date?

No, any monies collected from the tenant willfully or through collections will go to reimburse Walton & Tower.

Does The Owner Protection Program cover leases that are mutually terminated between Walton & Tower Real Estate and tenant?

No, mutually terminated leases that are not related to nonpayment of rent are not covered.

Is there an extra charge for the Owner Protection Program?

No, our standard fees are similar to our competition and this is a free service we offer.

Isn’t the financial risk of nonpayment of rent and eviction costs generally the responsibility of the property owner?

Yes, owning rental property can have many financial benefits, but like any investment, it also carries inherent risks that are generally assumed by owners. We help our owners minimize this risk through sound leasing practices and our one-of-a-kind Owner Protection Program.

How can Walton & Tower Real Estate afford to offer this service?

We manage a large volume of properties and experience very few payment issues because of our thorough tenant screening practices, giving us the ability to absorb the risk so you don’t have to.