With the weather getting warmer—much warmer—the number of AC-related maintenance calls has risen significantly. Our technicians are repeatedly finding clogged air filters to be the culprit behind many units freezing or in some cases, quitting altogether. Did you know that if this happens at your property, you could be responsible for the service call and sometimes, even damage caused to the unit? We need your help. Please abide by the terms in all Walton & Tower Property Management leases by changing air filters at least quarterly. Not only does this help to protect the system at the property, but this practice is a benefit to you as well. A clean filter will help the unit run more efficiently, saving you money on your power bill. It also helps to filter the air that you are breathing and will cool better without having to work so hard. Cleaner air, cooler temps and lower energy bills—all wins from this simple, low-cost act of home maintenance. Putting a reminder on your phone’s calendar is a great way to make sure you get this task taken care of each month.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation and Happy Summer!

Posted by: waltontower on May 17, 2018
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