At Walton & Tower Real Estate, we take tenant and property safety seriously. Due to the threat of subfreezing weather in Birmingham, AL  and surrounding areas over the next several days, we are requesting that tenants take immediate action to prevent water pipes from freezing and bursting. The following precautions should be taken immediately to insure safety:

  1. Please run both hot and cold water at a pencil-lead size stream on the following faucets in your home: kitchen sink, bathroom lavatories, bath tubs, showers, wet bar sinks, washer connections, etc. (Don’t forget to make sure drains are open and draining.)
  2. Please leave the faucets dripping as long as temperatures remain below freezing.
  3. Please do not turn your heat completely off when you leave for the day or for an extended period of time. Instead, leave the heat on, but turn the temperature down to the lowest setting you wish. Be sure to leave cabinet doors open under the kitchen sink and bathroom sinks to allow heat to the plumbing.
  4. Please make sure all exterior faucets are covered. You can purchase faucet covers at any big-box area hardware/home improvement store. Some homes have shut off valves for exterior faucets as well.
  5. Should pipes freeze and burst, contact Walton & Tower immediately at 205.538.0462 to minimize the extent of the damage.

The damage from frozen pipes can often be substantial. If the pipes in your home freeze and burst, water may damage your clothes, furniture, electronics, and other property such as the carpet, walls and ceilings. Tenants will be liable for any damage caused if there is a failure to take the proper precautions. Tenants are responsible for taking precautions when such threats exist.

Thank you for your prompt and continuous cooperation regarding this serious issue and stay warm!

We wish you a safe and warm Happy New Year!

Posted by: waltontower on December 31, 2017
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