framework-house-clipart_871321619As one of Birmingham, Alabama’s leading Property Management companies, Walton & Tower Real Estate wants to always provide outstanding service to both our owners and our tenants. We believe that a successful relationship depends on clear communication. We feel that providing important information upfront and setting reasonable expectations is key to good communication.

As part of that communication, today, we want to discuss Maintenance. This is an important issue to both tenants and owners alike. While we make every effort to cover the most frequently asked questions in the Tenant Handbook provided to every tenant at move-in, inevitably, questions arise. (The Tenant Handbook can be accessed by all tenants once logged into the Tenant Portal).

We know that things happen and we are here to help in every way possible when a maintenance issue arises, but in order to help, we have to be aware of the issue. Our Tenant Portal gives every tenant the ability to post maintenance requests quickly and easily. Only requests submitted through the online portal will be acknowledged. The reason for this is that these requests are immediately forwarded to our staff which allows us to respond to emergencies with the urgency they deserve and allows us to track the repair from start to finish. If you have any problem accessing your portal, let us know right away and we can help.

Once your request is submitted, it will be assessed to determine if there is any danger for you, the tenant, or to the property. If your issue is deemed an emergency, steps will be taken to provide service as quickly as possible. Please understand that our providers are working quickly to get to your issue, but emergency calls will be prioritized as such. Non-emergency, covered items will be addressed during regular hours the next business day.

This brings us to the issue of non-covered items. Notably, plumbing stoppages such as clogged toilets and in-sink garbage disposals, pest control, cleaning, burned out lightbulbs, and yard maintenance are all issues considered to be the responsibility of the tenant. Should we be requested to provide service for any of these problems and it is deemed to have been caused by actions on the part of the tenant, the invoice will be added to the Tenant Ledger. Please take the time to try to resolve simple, household issues first. If you have a question about an issue and aren’t sure who’s responsible, refer to your Tenant Handbook or send an email. We will let you know right away.

Thanks for reading along today and if you still have questions regarding Walton & Tower’s Tenant Maintenance policies, let us know! We are happy to help!

Posted by: waltontower on October 6, 2016
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